2021 05 23

Control of soil moisture regime (DRDR)


The project covers the following areas of the environment: environment and climate management; organic farming.

Project aim – evaluate the measures of soil moisture regime control and the efficiency of their application in the territory of Lithuania and their economic and ecological benefits in order to increase the competitiveness of agriculture and encourage farmers to implement innovative research-based technologies ensuring sustainable use of natural water resources and environmental protection. After summing up the fertilization data of 5 farm fields, where the flooding system of drainage systems was installed, and monitoring the leaching of nutrients under the arid conditions of 2018-2019 season, total nitrogen leaching in controlled drainage systems was 2.5-fold lower than in non-controlled drainage systems. An average of 20 percent higher yields of crops grown in controlled drainage systems confirmed the results of studies conducted in other countries. Monitoring and research were performed by researchers of Vytautas Magnus University Agriculture Academy and specialists of the Lithuanian Agricultural Advisory Service.

Measures to control the soil moisture regime reduce nutrient leaching by flooding the drainage system, allowing plants to absorb nutrients in the flooded water. Soil water-air ratio is improved, soil moisture increased, and at the same time faster plant development during dry vegetation periods is ensured.

Host institution Lithuanian agricultural advisory service
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Instrument: Lithuanian Rural Development Programme 2014-2020, Measure “Cooperation”, Activity Area “Support for the Creation and Development of EIP Action Groups”
Project start: 2016-12-12
Project end: 2019-11-11