2021 03 12

Development of a liquid-cooled luminaire for the needs of the agroindustry


The development of a luminaire with efficient cooling will increase the productivity of greenhouse and vertical farms, reduce capital costs and speed up the vegetation cycle.
We analyzed the proposals of the grow-lights in the market and found no acceptable solution for high-density plant factories. Then we decided to develop our own water-cooled luminaire.
As a result, we have designed a lighting device that allows you to grow the most light-demanding plants (including cereals) in a closed environment, while maintaining a low temperature in the growing room while keeping energy consumption as low as possible.
Then, based on this design, we have produced an experimental batch of our luminaires. Some of these lamps will be supplied to our pilot plant factory, the others will become a part of the exposition at our showroom in Vilnius.

Host institution JSC “Spartus augimas” (Chain-Grow)
[email protected]

The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund
Instrument: INOSTARTAS
Project No. 01.2.1-MITA-T-852-01 -0074
Total value: 33 225,91 Eur
Funding recieved: 23 258,14 Eur
Project start: 2020-02-03
Project end: 2021-02-02