Energy and fuel production, storage and disposal

The scope of this field includes:

•Biofuel (including Fourth-generation biofuels)
•Heterogeneous catalysis
•Catalytic reactor
•Conversion of materials
•Membrane technology
•Plasma process and technology
•Spent nuclear fuel
•Radioactive waste (including disposal)
•Heat recovery
•Thermochemical process
•Third-generation biofuels

Several hundred companies operate in the field of energy and fuel production from biomass and waste, waste treatment, storage and disposal, about 50 of which invest in R & D.

613 scientists

30 resesarch facilities

75 scientists

5 resesarch facilities

96 scientists

11 resesarch facilities

246 scientists

24 resesarch facilities

793 scientists

18 resesarch facilities

593 scientists

22 resesarch facilities


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