Functional materials and coatings

The scope of this field includes:

•Functional coating
•Functional materials
•Hybrid photovoltaic cells
•Mesoscopic photovoltaic cells
•Organic photovoltaic cells
•Tribologically effective compound

Semiconductor physics and electronics are branches of science with over four decades of scientific traditions and the potential concentrated in the major Lithuanian research institutes and universities. Research in semiconductor physics is characterised by complexity and the diversity of subject matters. Researchers of the materials science and nanotechnology field have also received wide international recognition in the fields of metal corrosion, microbiological degradation of materials, nanostructured surface structures and electro-catalysis.

96 scientists

11 resesarch facilities

246 scientists

24 resesarch facilities

613 scientists

30 resesarch facilities

593 scientists

22 resesarch facilities

793 scientists

18 resesarch facilities


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