Photonic and laser technologies

The scope of this field includes:

•Laser spectroscopy systems
•Laser technology equipment
•Optomechanical components
•Special-purpose LEDs

Currently Lithuania holds 10 percent of the global scientific laser market, successful entering into the global industrial laser market has been observed recently. The export of terahertz emitters and sensors, layers and derivatives for the long- wave infrared domain has been opened.

Lithuanian academic and research institutions and business enterprises are in close cooperation, participating in activities within the Laser engineering and technology cluster, Lithuanian Association of lasers, Advanced lighting technology developers’ association. Lithuanian scientific and educational institutions, businesses and foreign high-tech companies are also closely cooperating within this sector, working in the areas of LEDs, long wave infrared and terahertz emitters and sensors.

246 scientists

24 resesarch facilities

593 scientists

22 resesarch facilities

793 scientists

18 resesarch facilities


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