Technologies and processes for the development and implementation of breakthrough innovations

The scope of this field includes:

•Audio-visual media
•Complex audio-visual works
•Social technologies
•Organizational innovations
•Process innovations
•Social innovations
•Innovative enterprise
•Social business

In addition to the basic cultural and creative industries, the following can be distinguished:

CCI complementing industries – include products and equipment (including production and wholesale and retail trade), the aim whereof is to facilitate the creation, production and consumption of cultural and creative products: audio-video players, radio equipment, TVs, video game equipment, computers, music instruments, photographic and cinematographic instruments, etc.

CCI supporting industries – include the dissemination and sale, broadcasting, communication (i.e. internet, telephone communication, transportation, etc.) of the cultural and creative products.

613 scientists

30 resesarch facilities

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200 scientists

1 resesarch facilities

593 scientists

22 resesarch facilities

793 scientists

18 resesarch facilities

246 scientists

24 resesarch facilities


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