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  • Kaunas University of Technology is one of the largest technological universities in the Baltics and has around 10,000 students and 1,000 academic staff members in 9 faculties and 8 science institutes.
  • Kaunas University of Technology – among the 50 best universities in Eastern and Central Europe and Central Asia.
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Building Physics Laboratory
Composite and Finishing Materials Laboratory
Building Materials and Structures Research Centre
Environmental Technologies Laboratories
Silicate Technology Laboratories
Physical and Inorganic Chemistry Laboratories
Food Science and Technology Laboratories
Laboratory of Oil and Alternative Energy Processing Technology
Polymer Chemistry Technology Laboratories
Synthetic Chemistry Laboratories
Materials Science Laboratories
Machinery Vibration and Acoustic Noise Level Testing Laboratory
Biomedical Engineering Laboratories
Mechatronics Laboratories
Ultrasound Laboratories
Information Systems Design Laboratories
Real Time Computer Systems
Laboratory for electronic devices (FABLab Kaunas)


Small molecule hole transporting material for optoelectronic and photoelectrochemical devices

The invention pursues to provide an efficient solar cell, which can be rapidly prepared in an efficient way, using readily available or low cost materials such as conductive material, using a short manufacturing procedure based on industrially known manufacturing step, keeping the material costs and the material impact on the environment very low.

Hole transporting organic molecules containing enamine groups for optoelectronic and photoelectrochemical devices

The present invention relates to the hole transporting compounds which ensure efficiency of perovskitic, solar elements sensibilized by colourants or metaloorganic colourants. This invention is used for optoelectronic devices, as organic light-emittin g diode (OLED), field-effect transistors (FET).

Hole transporting self-assembled monolayer for perovskite solar cells

The invention enables the formation of a molecular monolayer that is attached to the ITO substrate and provides a very good electrical contact for hole extraction/injection with power conversion efficiency close to 18% in a p-i -n perovskite solar cell yet realized and the potential to enable even higher values.

Novel photochromic compounds, process for preparing thereof and intermediates thereof

The present invention relates to novel compounds of formula (I) which display better photochromic characteristcs compared to spiro-pyranes and which may be used as a molecular photo-switch.

Spiro[chroman-2,2’-indole]derivative as cyanide ions chemosensors

The invention describes new spiro[chroman-2,2’-indole] derivatives. When compounds of the invention, 1‘,3‘,3,4-tetrahydrospiro[chromen-2,2‘-indoles], are treated with solution containing cyanide ions 3,4-dihydropyrane ring opening occurs resulting in formation of colored 4-nitrophenolate ion, which is detectable colorimetrically.

Method and system for predicting of acute hypotensive episodes

The method includes determining a plurality of time varying hypotensive biomarkers corresponding to plurality of physiological processes in patient’s organism as a non-linear dynamic complex system and generating an acute hypotension prediction classifier. The acute hypotensive prediction classifier is based upon identifying and classifying a three dimensional (3D) temporal representation of two or more biomarker dynamics that appear before a hypotensive episode occurs.

Safe and healthy drinking water and method of its preparation

Microbiologically safe and healthy drinking water is prepared from raw water by clarifying and disinfecting it with the reactive oxygen derivatives and solution of silver ions. By using such a solution together with the disinfection of water with the reactive oxygen derivatives, the water stored in the open is additionally protected from secondary microbial contamination for a long time, particularly, longer than 3 months.

Portable virtual reality system for research of subjective vision vertical perception

System is designed for various physicians and health care specialists who treat patients complaining of dizziness. System is based on research of subjective vision vertical perception and can be used for complex assessment of disorder in vestibular function.

Method for quick traffic speed measurement and the device with AMR sensors for method implementation

The invention is designed for traffic speed measurement with AMR sensors that are placed in top coating of asphalt. The main purpose is to determine the speed of the transport and to photograph the mean of transport on site where registration numbers are the most visible.

Method of producing increased strength plaster binding materials

The invention is related to the method of producing increased strength plaster binding materials, using orthophosphoric acid production waste, sulphur sludge and zeolite waste product. This method enables casting of gypsum stone which is twice stronger than usual.

Personified system and method for life-threatening conditions monitoring of patients with chronic renal illness

The misbalance of electrolytes is a frequent condition of patients during haemodialysis treatment. The balance of electrolytes is measured using invasive blood test that cannot be done at home. Therefore non-invasive system for life-threatening conditions monitoring was created. The system is based on synergy of bio-signals of various origin and solves problems of life-threatening arrhythmia identification and electrolytes fluctuations monitoring.

System and method for monitoring and characterisation of long-term atrial arrhythmia of post-stroke patients

A quarter of brain stroke cases are related to cardioembolic events, major of them are attributed to atrial palpitation and can be linked to 5 times higher risk of stroke. To solve this problem, the patient-friendly system was created and is used to monitor atrial arrhythmia and characterize the arrhythmia periods.

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