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  • The biggest university of biomedical studies in the Baltic region continues the traditions of both Kaunas University of Medicine (KMU) and Lithuanian Veterinary Academy (LVA) since 1920.
  • From Molecular Mechanisms via Preclinical trials vie Clinical trials till Population level.
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Formulation and analytical development of pharma, food, cosmeceutic & related products
Identification, detection and typing of foodborne pathogens
Animal Sciences
One Health
Animal herd health management
Preclinical studies


Laboratory of pharmaceutical technology
Laboratory of preclinical drug investigation
Laboratory of medical target histopathological research
Laboratory of medical target histopathological
Laboratory of drug metabolism and pharmacological regulation of pathological processes (Institute of Neuroscience)


A device for promoting blood circulation in the limbs and method for causing low frequency virrations

The proposed method and apparatus in the event of a beating generates frequencies of 1 to 10 Hz and amplitudes of 1 to 50 mm displacement, thus creating a sufficient amount of force to create the required limb displacement. The device according to the invention comprises: a frame structure (1); a lying position on the surface of the human body (2); a changeover support (3) of the upper body or at least part of the upper body with a support surface (2); adjustable leg support (4); adjustable adj uster (5) of the adjustable leg feet (4) with the support surface (2) and its locking support (6); vibration generation source (7); and vibration generator control means (not shown in the drawing).

Method and device for fixation of a sinking intraocular lens in the eye field

The purpose of this invention is a device to affix a sinking intraocular lens to the iris.
The difference between this suggested IOL fixation device and the brain aneurysm clipping device is that this device can be inserted into the eye through a standard cataract surgery incision (up to 3mm) (open-sky method is not needed) and the fixation ring is elastic and is let out of the device through an opening on the side of the distal part of its tube.
The device is inserted into an eye through a small incision (2 – 3 mm) in the peripheral cornea, so it is used in cataract surgery in the cases of a sinking IOL.

Alveolar buccal bone plate thickness measurement device

The purpose of the present invention is to monitor the changes in the width of the cheekbone of the jaw of the alveolate under the same conditions after the tooth extraction and to standardize them over time under equal conditions.
The device consists of a housing [1], in which the measuring axis [2] is inserted, with a measuring scale graduated every 0.5 mm and fixed in the bolt bush [3]. The locking axis [4] is inserted into the sleeve [5, 6, 7] during the measurement, and in each case it is locked with a bolt for fixing the locking axle [8]. The calibration tool is equipped with a calibration ruler [9], which is fastened with a bolt for mounting the calibration ruler [10]. The device is calibrated on the calibration pad [11] by inserting the locking axis [4] into the locking axle recess [12]. The calibrated measuring device is inserted into the cylinder [13], fixed in an individual plastic guide plate.

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