State Research Institute Centre for Innovative Medicine (IMC)

  • Clinical practice begins in our laboratories.
  • Visions of therapeutic and diagnostic strategies are transferred into clinically relevant knowledge and expertise.
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Regenerative medicine
Stem cells biology
Development of biomodels on animals
Experimental, preventive and clinic medicine


Biopharmacy processes researches laboratory
Diseases biomarkers researches laboratory 
Immunotechnology research laboratory
Visualization and innovative medicine technologies research laboratory 
Biomedical information and image processing algorithms research laboratory  
Stem cells and their therapeutic usage researches laboratory
Digital and molecular pathology laboratory  
Biomodels and pre-clinic researches center

Future patents

Exosomes as potent therapeutic tools against  neurodegenerative diseases

Exosomes derived from human stem cells are used in Parkinson’s disease model, as medicine. Now, good results are reached while treating Parkinson’s disease in animal model. It is planned that this technology will be developed till drug candidate.

Combined therapy technology for arthritis treatment

Many technologies are developed for various origin arthritis treatment and diagnostics. It is planned that technologies are going to be developed for specific biomarkers testing and new treatment strategies development. These technologies are going to be developed till in vitro diagnostic products and treatment methods.

In total, we have 46 scientists and 65 researchers


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