Vilnius Academy of Arts (VDA)

  • The Vilnius Academy of Arts (VAA) is the only public arts university in Lithuania solely dedicated for the arts, design and architecture. Established in 1793, it is the oldest and largest art university in the Baltic region.
  • Design Innovation Centre (DIC) is a unit of VDA, founded in 2007, dedicated to promote collaboration between education, science and business structures. We offer unique intellectual resources: artistic researchers and creative practitioners who employ advanced technologies in their practice.
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The Academy’s Art and Design Lab


Austėja Platūkytė "Plastex"

PLASTEX – technological development of textile waste recycling and four different bio-plastic materials. This project is aimed at new bio-plastic materials development using textile waste as a raw material. During the chemical processes, textile waste is transformed into new organic compounds. This project seeks to discover alternative design methods that will resist the logic of universality, functionality and overall beauty dictated by large-scale industry.

Ignas Survila "Raven" scooter

The main idea of RAVEN scooter was to try changing an elementary behavior of an item as such and to attempt making it more classy, more subtle and more user-friendly, and handy to use. Therefore, the RAVEN kick scooter folds with a single movement of a foot. Its users just need to press the pedal with a foot and that is that. So it is absolutely comfortable to use.

Julijonas Urbonas
"A Planet of People"

A Planet of People is an artistic and scientific feasibility study of an artificial planet made entirely from human bodies. The project revolves around the idea of sending humans to L2, one of the Lagrangian points in space where the gravity is absent, and allows the frozen bodies float freely until their weak gravities make them assemble into a blob: in this way, a new ‘human’ planet is extra-terraformed. The outcome of the project is an establishment of unique speculative design methodology that could be used for developing visionary policies such as national space programme.

In total, we have 200 scientists and researchers


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